Ladycat softball team finishes season proudly


Jamie Jimenez

Seniors Kylie McRoberts, and Payton Adair

Autumn Rhea, Staff Writer

  Once again softball season for the Lady Wildcats has come to an end. This year the Cats worked as a team and played their hearts out on the field. They won a total of eight games this year.

   “Softball is the best sport ever,” said senior center fielder Raven Caswell.

  Although they might not have won every game, they all had fun representing Warsaw at all their games. During practices the girls worked just as hard to make sure they were ready for games.

  “We worked hard at practices, especially at the beginning of the year,” said senior shortstop and third baseman Kylie McRoberts.

 The girls got along pretty well.

  “We have a small team so we are like a family,” said second baseman junior Madison Grobe. “I bring a positive attitude to the team.” said Grobe.

  There was a total of 11 girls on the team: six seniors, two juniors, one sophomore, and two freshman.

  “Coach is great, she can be motivational and push us to do better,” said freshman leftfielder and second baseman Kinsten Cunningham.

  The seniors of the softball team were, Kylie McRoberts, Raven Caswell, Keyona Davis, Stephanie Blake, Taylor Hetherington, and Payton Adair. They all worked hard and try and motivate the girls to do better.

  “At times, their hitting improved from over the years and they maintained a good attitude.” said assistant coach Steve Larson.

  Next year will be another year of fun, hard work, and motivation to always do better.

     The last game of the season was played against, Smith Cotton. The Lady Cats beat them 17-10, and finished their season with a win.