Editorial: School attendance is key to preparing for your future

Alexis Riga , Web Editor

This may seem obvious to some people, but students cannot learn if they don’t attend school. Missing school days because of unexcused absences, such as being too lazy to get out of bed, or pretending to be sick, will mess up the entire education process.

  According to www.attendanceworks.org, “an estimated five million to seven and a half million U.S. students miss nearly a month of school each year.” Even missing one to two classes could make it difficult for some children to catch up.

  How can a student expect to learn if they are not committing themselves to learning? We don’t know what life is going to throw our way. We don’t know what knowledge or skills we will need, it is important that we have many different learning experiences to prepare us for life.

  High school students are known for missing school as compared to elementary students. According to www.live5news.com, “students don’t start missing a lot of school until middle or high school.”

  In 2014, the attendance rate for Warsaw High was 79.4 percent. There isn’t a reason why school attendance should ever be that low. Something needs to be done about the fact of people missing school for any reasons.

   Chronic absenteeism is “the measure of how much school a student misses for any reason” (www.attendanceworks.org ) Organizations such as Attendance Works have been put into play for a few different reasons: finding out why and how students are having unexcused absences, and also having school districts push towards more students coming to school every day. If the chronic absenteeism issue gradually decreases, schools will notice an increase in student attendance and also better grade point averages throughout the school.