Students aim to become’ Warsaw Strong’


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Juniors Damian Woods, Johna Newman, and Haleigh Kennedy play tug-of-war in the homecoming games. Students wore their Warsaw strong shirts during homecoming to show their class pride.

Alexis Smith, Staff Writer

Start strong, be strong, stay strong, finish strong – these phrases are intended to inspire Warsaw students to feel connected to their school and aim for greatness.

  This year student council has incorporated a strong theme to help improve the student’s experience at Warsaw High School. Warsaw Strong has strengthened the motto of Tradition, Pride and Excellence and is an attempt to revamp the enthusiasm of school culture, according to senior Michael Kephart.

  Student council discovered the strong program and it changed their outlook. According to Student body president Austin McCall, it makes the school feel like a family.

  Each class was given their own “strong” phrase: freshmen-start strong, sophomores-be strong, juniors-stay strong, and seniors-finish strong.

  The junior class was approached and asked to incorporate the theme into their spirit shirts. According to junior class sponsor Amy Spunaugle, the juniors were excited to incorporate the logos.

  The guest speaker the first day of school, Chris Bowers, had some ideas of how to bring out Warsaw Strong. Bowers told students to be their own person.

  “In life, the more fun you try to have, the more fun you will have,” Bowers told the student body.

  Senior Justice Taylor said setting a good example was the central message. Tylor said it was a good message to try to send.

  Senior Michael Kephart interpreted Bowers’ central message was for kids to have confidence in themselves.

 Being Warsaw Strong means many things to different people. To junior Ashlyn Yoder, being Warsaw Strong means representing her school in everything she does. In order to be Warsaw Strong, Yoder supports Warsaw activities and challenges herself to be the best that she can be.

 Senior Austin McCall wants to make a difference in the school.

   “I want to graduate and leave a good impression for the lower classmen. I want them to know that the senior class is Warsaw Strong.”

  Several people feel the motto has strengthened the school, not only in activities but class performance as well. Spunaugle wants Warsaw Strong to spread quickly throughout the school.

  “I hope the positive reactions are contagious,” said Spunaugle.