Instrumentalists earn letters and awards at spring concert

Makayla Mais, Staff Writer


The instrumental music department spring concert was held Monday, May 18. Instrumentalists performed and were given awards by director Ben Johnson

Band awards

Rookie of the Year – Zoe Elledge

Outstanding Contribution to Jazz Band – Austin Reynolds

Outstanding Contribution to Marching Band – Nate Townley and Madison Lane

Outstanding Contribution to Concert Band – Claudia Schmitz

2nd Year All-State Band – Claudia Schmitz

Master Musician Awards – Jessica Kuykendall, Zach Long, and Megan Brown


Ashton Adams

Mackenzie Bauer

Chris Bozarth

Megan Brown

Wesley Carr

Hannah Chapman

Zoe Elledge

Nate Fauquier

Stephanie Fisher

Erica Flores

Maddie Freeman

Amber Gillham

Krystina Hensley

Owen Howard

Erika Huffman

Casey Keith

Kyra Kleihauer

Jessica Kuykendall

Noah Long

Zach Long

Makayla Mais

Kylie McRoberts

Corey Nahrstedt

Nichole Payne

Nathan Perry

Amanda Pool

Tommy Reffett

Austin Reynolds

Andrew Savage

Claudia Schmitz

Lydia Schockmann

Melissa Scrivener

Alexis Smith

Emily Stantorf

Nate Townley