Senior awards


Senior Randall Sherman receives his NHS cord. This was his first year in NHS.

Warsaw High School administration and faculty members presented awards to members of the Class of 2015 after the Baccalaureate services at the First United Methodist Church of Warsaw on Sunday, May 17.

Charlene Million presented National Honor Society awards to one-year members Joey Cooner, Tyler Dority, Zach Long, Luke Spry, Austin Yoder, two-year members Katie Wynn, Randall Sherman, Jessica Kuykendall, Megan Brown, and Melissa Pierce.

Mrs. Nicole Thomas presented awards from State Fair Community College and State Fair Career and Technical Center.  Those receiving awards included:  automotive students Richard Dickens, Brad Hoover, Thomas Robertson, Tristan Thompson; building trades students Michael Bryson, Rocky Turner, and Charles Woodral; child care students Anna Clark, Abby Jones and Erica Miller; electrical power student London Robinson; graphic design students Ruby Dotson and Kaitlin Wynn, graphic design; and welding students Austin Yoder, Cody Treece, Allen Wombles.

Scholarships from SFCC were presented to  Ruby Dotson, John Vogel, Kaitlin Wynn.

Nathan Hopkins presented Speech Team awards and letters to Zach Long and Tristen Weiser.

Zach Long received an award for Academic Team.

FFA Advisor Stan Adler presented the Dekalb Agriculture Accomplishment award to Zach Swiger.

English and journalism instructor Amanda Adler presented Riley Karr the yearbook editor award, outstanding ad sales award and the yearbook sales award, six MIPA awards, and a Quill and Scroll award.

Jessica Kuykendall received an outstanding ad sales award, four MIPA awards, and a Quill and Scroll award.

Tristen Weiser received the photography editor award, two MIPA awards, and a Quill and Scroll award.

Melissa Pierce received the advertising editor award, book sales award, three MIPA awards, and a Quill and Scroll award.

Brooklyn Spencer received a book sales award, five MIPA awards, and a Quill and Scroll award.

Zach Swiger received three MIPA awards and a Quill and Scroll award.

The Outstanding Senior English student award was presented to Ruby Dotson.

Amy Spunaugle presented art awards for art teacher Jenny Greene to Zach Swiger, most valuable artist in drawing and painting; Brittany Ritter most improved artist in drawing and painting; and Briar Collins, most valuable art student in the portfolio class.

Seniors winning awards for participating in math club included: Megan Brown, Austin Dillon, Ruby Dotson, Jessica Kuykendall and Joshua Pacheco.

Student Council members presented awards included: Megan Brown, Melissa Pierce, Tristen Weiser, Jacob Pacheco, Amber Gillham, Jessica Kuykendall, Zach Swiger, Zach Long, and Riley Karr.

College Algebra award was presented to Alex Letcher.

A+ Students included:  Trevor Barb, Megan Brown, Anna Clark, Briar Collins, Joey Cooner, Madison Danner, Richard Dickens, Tyler Dority, Ruby Dotson, Even Engebretsen, Lane England, Audrey Flores, Julie Franklin, Jake Freeman, Bradley Hoover, Bailey Jelinek, Riley Karr, Jessica Kuykendall, Alex Letcher, Zach Long, Joshua Pacheco, Melissa Pierce, London Robinson, Randall Sherman, Sara Soles, Luke Spry, Zach Swiger, Tristan Weiser, Caelan Weller, Marshall Wilson, Kaitlin Wynn, and Austin Yoder.

Billy Daleske presented the Parsons Award for Sportsmanship to Jessica Kuykendall and Randall Sherman.

The Ironman award was presented to Kyle Goodsell and Bailey Jelinek.

The Ironwoman award was presented to Jessica Kuykendall

High School Principal Randy Luebbert presented attendance award to Alex Letcher.