Senior golfers reflect on their high school golfing career

Junior Jamie Jimenez, seniors Even Engebretsen, and Luke Spry pose before competing at the District Golf Tournament.

Kalee Schietzelt , Staff Writer

Golf athletes are took a good swing at their last few tournaments. For three golfers, post-season play is continuing. Seniors Even Engebretsen, Luke Spry and junior Jamie Jimenez advanced through the district tournament and competed on Monday, May 11 at sectionals.

On April 27, the team went to the district tournament where they placed third.   “Districts went decent. I could’ve played a little bit better, but I still placed 8th and am going to sectionals,” said Spry.

“Districts went really well,” said Engebretsen. “I played my first nine really well and overall it went good.”

“Districts was good. I had two boys who should have advanced due to their average, but didn’t. We did have Even Engebretsen, Luke Spry, and Jamie Jimenez advance, though,” said Foster.

Engebretsen, Spry, and Jimenez have said they feel pretty good about making it to the sectional tournament.

On April 24 golf members competed in the Benton County Cup where they took second place.

“I feel that the Benton County Cup went well, my favorite part was probably playing scramble with Madi Grobe, that was a lot of fun,” said senior junior varsity member Jake Freeman

“I think that the Benton County Cup could’ve been better, there was a challenge against Lincoln which was actually kind of fun. If I could change anything I would have worked harder so we could have hopefully won,” said senior varsity member Luke Spry.

“I feel like the Benton County Cup didn’t go very well, I could’ve played better that day and maybe we would have placed higher,” said senior varsity member Even Engebretsen.

“The Benton County cup went well, Lincoln only beat us by 10 strokes,” said coach Bob Foster.

Although the season is coming to an end the senior team members don’t fail to look back and reflect on their good times through the years they have played. The season has had it’s up’s and down’s, but like any other team out there it definitely seems to have more highs than lows, especially when they were doing something they loved  with your friends.

“The thing I want to remember the most from this year would be going to state, but we will see what happens, but so far the most memorable thing would have to be stepping up my game and placing at three tournaments, the Sacred Heart Tournament, the Butler Tournament, and Districts,” said Spry.

“The most memorable thing from this year will be the strong bond we have as a team. Another thing that made the year memorable was making it to sectionals and next hopefully making state,” said Engebretsen.