Cole Camp Math Competition Results

Warsaw Math Club traveled to Cole Camp on Saturday, March 28, to wind down their math club season.  They competed against California, Camdenton, Holden, Odessa, School of the Osage, Smith-Cotton, and South Calloway.  Once again, the team was placed in the larger school division.  The results are listed below:

Mixed team:   1st place;  Dallas Larsen, Corey Nahrstedt, Andrew Savage, and Josh Pacheco

Team 10: 6th place

Team 12: 5th place

Word Problems 11: 7th place; Rickie Branson

Word Problems 12: 9th place; Ruby Dotson

Algebra 11: 1st place; Andrew Savage

Algebra Open: 7th place; Josh Pacheco

Geometry 10: 10th place; Jonathan Petesch

Analytical Geometry & Graphing: 4th place; Rickie Branson

Trigonometry: 3rd place; Andrew Savage

Random Science: 3rd place; Andrew Savage

8th place; Ruby Dotson

Random History: 10th place; Corey Nahrstedt

Hodge Podge: 8th place; Josh Pacheco

Calculus: 6th place; Andrew Savage

Warsaw placed 6th overall.  The following students competed:  Dallas Larsen, Jonathan Petesch, Alexis Smith, Corey Nahrstedt, Rickie Branson, Andrew Savage, Ruby Dotson, and Josh Pacheco.  Mrs. Spunaugle would like to thank Mr. Hrabe for stepping in her place to chaperone the math club in Cole Camp.