Students send a Crush to their crush for Valentine’s Day

Brooklyn Spencer, staff writer

It has become a small tradition at WHS for students to send a bottle of Crush soda to their crush for Valentine’s Day. National Honor Society (NHS) sells these as a fundraiser each year, and this year it will help fund their trip to Six Flags.

Students were able to buy one Crush for two dollars or three for five dollars. Then, they wrote a note saying who the soda goes to and what lunch shift they have.

NHS delivered the bottles of Crush on Friday, February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day. All of the bottles were sold, a total of 120 sodas.

Senior Riley Karr sent her boyfriend,  senior Cody Treece, twelve of the Crush sodas.

“I wanted to send him ten, but, then, he wouldn’t have two full cases. So, I ended up going with twelve,” said Karr.

Senior Melissa Pierce, NHS president, loves selling the Crushes and thinks they’re a cute way to show affection and raise money.