Improved team looks back on season


Mykal Albers, Staff Writer

The girls’ basketball team saw much learning and improvement throughout a tough season.

The final record for this season was 2 wins and 23 losses. The girls defeated Lincoln 38-36, and Belle 64-60.

Coach Cody Morgan said, “We will look to build on what we started this year, dedicate ourselves to the weight room to get stronger, get 500-1,000 shots up per day to become better shooters, and play 30+ games this summer to gain more experience.”

“The biggest improvement has been team chemistry, and fundamental skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, etc.) We have come along way since the beginning of the season,” said Morgan.  Morgan wants to continue to improve on having a more success for returning players.

“We definitely have stepped it up since last year. We are always coming into the gym wanting to learn more about the game and to improve. I believe we have improved, but we are not done yet,” said junior Raven Caswell, guard/point guard.

Freshman Hannah Chapman, point guard/wing,  as well as sophomore Cierra Sawyers, guard, said that they have gotten a lot better at working as a team, and learning how each other works.

“We still need to improve, but we are a lot better than last year. We have a lot more confidence than we used to,” said Sawyers.

“The scoreboard doesn’t show how much we have improved, but we have drastically gotten better,” Chapman said.

“Our skill is improving a lot, and we are working really hard.” said sophomore guard/post Erica Flores. “Coach has a game plan and we always try to accomplish that game plan.”

Senior Jessica Kuykendall, post/guard, said all of the girls have learned a lot, that they have gotten a lot better since the start of the season.

Kuykendall, the only senior on the team, is sad about not being able to play next year.

“I will never get to wear a Warsaw uniform again.”

The season has come to an end, all of the girls said that they will look forward to coming back next year, ready to learn more, and ready to win some games.