Wrestlers motivated by desire to improve


Mykal Albers, Staff Writer

The desire to continue to improve and gain wins has kept wrestlers motivated all season and through the state championship.

Four Warsaw wrestlers qualified to compete in the Wrestling State Championship in Columbia Feb. 19-22. Senior Kyle Goodsell, junior Craig DeWitt, freshman Dallas Larsen, and senior Marshall Wilson went with Coach Billy Daleske, Coach David Hawks, and Coach Charlie Daleske. None of the four earned a medal.

Goodsell lost his first match, won his second, and lost his third match. DeWitt lost his first one, won his second one, and lost his third one in triple overtime. Larsen won his first match, and lost his second and third. Wilson scratched, due to an injured leg.

Goodsell and Wilson both said that state was no different than any other tournament.

Larsen said that he was proud of himself for getting to state. He said that he thought hard about each match so he can figure out what techniques he will use.

“It was awesome, it was a great experience. We just kept it in mind that it was just another tournament and tried to stay focused,” DeWitt said.

“Honestly, I was a little disappointed.  I thought we would get five guys, and maybe even six, to state. But I was thrilled for the four we qualified. I’m going to look for the returning state qualifiers to be leaders next year.  Dallas and Craig can show guys how hard you need to work to make it to state.  On top of that, I hope Dallas and Craig let the team know, although making it to state is great, not coming home with a medal is disappointing,” said coach David Hawks.

Goodsell, weight class 195, said that what motivates him is just, “to get better.” He  feels “no different from when I win, then when I lose.”

His favorite memory since the beginning of the season is, “Craig staring at coach when he is pinning a guy.”

Larsen, weight class 106, said he gets pumped when he wins. What makes him keep wrestling is his family and all of his medals. He said that his favorite memory was beating the undefeated kid from Rodgers.

Bryson, who wrestles in the 220 weight class, said he is motivated by “my desire to be the best, I love the competition.”

“I love that feeling when I win, nothing else matters. Everyone is watching me and it’s just me, and my ability out there. If I make a mistake, it’s on me and no one else. I feel on top of the world. I feel like Superman.”  Bryson said that his wrestling is like an addiction.

Wrestling coach Billy Daleske is as motivated about the sport as the athletes themselves.

“I want to coach because I enjoy helping the wrestlers achieve their goals. Wrestling to me is one of the greatest sports in the world, it teaches mental toughness and discipline. When one of my wrestlers has success, I feel nothing but pride and joy for his accomplishment. When one of my wrestlers suffers defeat, I feel absolutely terrible for him, and I want nothing more than to help him get past the feeling and find success once again,” Daleske said.