JV girls and boys basketball teams strive to improve as a team

Dracie Davidson, Staff writer

As the season goes by, the JV basketball teams continue to make improvements, as they also learn from their mistakes.

The girls JV basketball team has continued to improve this season and will continue to improve on energy, effort, and enthusiasm.

“The team is working on their energy, effort and enthusiasm,” coach Alison Durst said.

Durst motivates the team by pushing the girls to be a better person and player to achieve not only on the court but in life.

“I have improved on dribbling, sophomore,” Ciera Sawyers said.

“Having a tough shell and to realize that you’ve made a mistake and don’t down on it but fix it,” coach Durst said.

The  Boys JV basketball is 2-4 and improving their effort and attitude every single day as a team.

“We’re getting better every day,” coach  Derald Henderson said.

Henderson is challenging the players on the court to becoming better players and encourage them to play the best they can.

“I need to improve on running and being stronger,” sophomore Anthony Beuke said.

“I have improved on my shooting,” junior Michael Kephart said.

Overall both of the teams are improving throughout the season and hoping for more wins.