Students get excited about courtwarming


Kalee Schietzelt

The Courtwarming prince crown is ready for the Feb. 13 royalty coronation at the game.

Kalee Schietzelt, Staff Writer

Students and basketball fans are getting ready to rev up school spirit for another annual Courtwarming celebration on Feb. 13.
Student Council is planning a “Blackout” celebration with a dance featuring black lights. The dance will take place in the high school cafeteria, after the game against Osage on Feb. 13.
Spirit week will take place the week of Feb. 9-13. The spirit week days will be Monday: pajama day, Tuesday: twin day, Wednesday: nerd day, Thursday: fake an injury day, character day, or be an injured character day, and Friday: blackout day.
The point system for spirit week will be judged by class games, class banner, attendance, best girl and boy spirit costume each day and overall, and class spirit. The class with the most points at the end of spirit week will then get to tape its class sponsor to either the gym wall or the benches.
This year, instead of decorating class hallways, students will be making class banners that can only be decorated in black, white, and glow paints.
Students are getting super excited for the dance and other things that will be taking place that day.
“I’m thankful to have been a part of the team. We have a big game that night, we haven’t lost to Osage in a while,” senior Lane England said.
“I’m excited for Courtwarming because you get to dance, and who doesn’t like dancing?” freshman Cora Rodgers said.
“I’m most excited to see all my friends and have a good time,” freshman Hannah Chapman said.
There are many other things other than just the dance that students are excited about for Courtwarming.
“I’m excited for the pep assembly because the games are funny and we get to show our school spirit,” junior Melissa Scrivener said.
Voting for royalty candidates will be on Jan. 30, and the final vote to determine the king and queen will be on Feb. 12.