Student earns first annual Jerry Lumpe award


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Senior Randall Sherman receives the first annual Jerry Lumpe Award. The award was presented by the Benton County Enterprise.

Makayla Mais, Staff Writer

In December of 2014, the first annual Jerry Lumpe Award was presented to senior Randall Sherman. Sherman earned this award for his attitude on and off the basketball court. Athletic director Billy Daleske and head boys basketball coach Jared Wallace are very proud of Sherman’s achievement.

“I am very proud of Randall and happy he was this year’s recipient,” Daleske said.

“I’m really happy for him. It is an award about character, and Randall is an extremely high character young man,” Wallace said. “I’m very proud of the way he acts on and off the court.”

The Jerry Lumpe Award is given to male athletes who exhibit traits of character, class, and integrity on and off the playing court or field.

“It is a very big honor,” Daleske said. “Jerry Lumpe was a very classy and well mannered individual.”

Sherman describes how he feels on being the first recipient of this award.

“I feel good about getting this accomplishment, one because it means a lot that I got honored with something that not a lot of people will get the chance to earn,” Sherman said. “And me being the first one ever to get it was cool.”

Sherman describes how he earned the award, and how others can also received this award.

“I earned it by being a good person and role model on and off the court,” Sherman said. “Be a good person, be nice to others, and do all you can to help improve the school and community.”