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Drivers provide vital role in student lives

Bus Z driver, Sara Gollihar greets students before her route. Gollihar is in her second year of driving at Warsaw.

   The people who provide transportation for students to and from school and to any athletic events are important in the lives of students and in the operation of the school.Many of the bus divers have been here for multiple years, there are also new bus drivers in the district. 

   Bus Z driver, Sara Gollihar, is in her second year as a driver this year. When asked what made the job wanted, Gollihar said,  “As a child, I had a long bus ride. I loved watching our driver and helping her.” 

   Bus G driver, Steve Larson, has been driving for 13 years. 

  “I started driving to help build my retirement. What I got paid to drive the bus was added to my retirement fund,” he said. 

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   Many bus drivers have made an impact on students’ lives while communicating and having a connection with their riders.

   Freshman Izabella Schierholz rides bus Z with Gollihar as her driver. 

   “Sara is someone I look up to; if I have any questions or concerns I’ll go to her because she gives truthful answers. I can trust her, she is like a second mom,” Schierholz said. 

   “Many of our drivers have some good relationships with our students,” said Superintendent and director of transportation Scott Gemes.

   As bus drivers seem to be making impacts on their students’ lives, some of them tend to feel as overlooked and forgotten. On the other hand, some feel as if they are totally known by everyone. 

   “We are not in the face of everyone everyday, all day long like other district members. That could be a cause of why we aren’t remembered as much,” Gollihar said. 

   “Bus drivers are not overlooked. They are the first person that represents the school that most students see and also the last,” Games said. 

  While drivers are an important part of the transportation process, Gemes and assistant director Lerran Yoder organize the routes and keep the buses in running condition.

   “Some of my responsibilities include the scheduling of buses and drivers for school trips, enrolling new students in our bus routes, and performing repairs and general maintenance on the buses,” Yoder said. 

   “I provide training for the drivers. They receive employee benefits, and I work to give them as much support as possible,” Gemes said. 

   When the bus breaks down, gels over, subs are needed, and many more complications, Yoder takes a step up. 

   “During the winter months in the extreme cold, it could cause multiple issues with the buses. Our biggest challenge is having enough drivers, we are always looking for more drivers as well as substitutes to fill when our drivers are sick or driving school trips. There is always work that needs to be down to maintain the school bus fleet, but with that being said, there are breakdowns that you don’t expect,” Yoder explains. 

   Transportation is not just an everyday before school and after school route. Drivers step up to drive routes for sporting events and school-related activities too. 

   Most of the bus drivers tend to find enjoyment in driving the extra events, they aren’t just in it for the pay. 

   “I love field trips, especially in the middle of the day. That way, I don’t miss my route because of my enjoyment with my route kids. I do volunteer to drive my own children’s events too, I love it,” Gollihar said.

   “I drive several trips, mainly sports though. Although, I have driven FBLA to Wisconsin, FFA to Indianapolis, and baseball and softball to Arkansas,” Larson said.

   The bus drivers and transportation administrators play a big role in many students’ everyday life, even though many do not realize it. 

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