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Ally Estes
  Ally Estes is a senior with a passion for the liberal arts. She currently attends Warsaw High but plans on attending Graceland University in Iowa, where she will study Biochemistry. Estes has been involved in gardening club, science club, math club, volleyball, English club, NHS, Quill and Scroll, pep club, concert band, color guard, and yearbook. Ally Estes has been in newspaper for four years and is currently the editor-in-chief.

  Ally Estes looks up to her mother, Brenda Estes, as inspiration for all that she does.

  “Sometimes I take for granted all that she has had to sacrifice for me and the rest of our family,” Ally Estes said. “I hope to one day be as loving, selfless and brave as her.”

  Ally Estes holds a special place in her heart for the study of neuroscience, partially because of her natural inquisitive mind, but also because of her epileptic disorder.

  “I don’t let my epilepsy define me,” Ally Estes said. “I plan on helping others who have had similar situations of my own. Maybe, I’ll even find a cure.”

  After college, Ally Estes plans on settling down in Minnesota. While her dreams are aimed high, she urges young people to remember that life is longer than it seems.

  “I have this habit of rushing myself. I want to hurry up and finish school, have kids, get a job. I think I crave being a grown-up but in reality I just crave stability,” Ally Estes said. “It’s okay to not be stable. It’s okay to go to parties and have fun. Jump off cliffs and spend a ridiculous amount of money skydiving. You only live once.”

ally estes, Editor-In-Chief

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