Golf team grows in numbers as players try improve for season


Jazzmyn Swisher

Freshman Carter Howell recieves help from principal Danny Morrison as coach Dennis Larson watches. Morrison individually helped many of the golfers.

The golf team at WHS has grown tremendously this year. The team is coached by Dennis Larson with 14 players on the team for the 2022 season. That’s five more players than last year’s team.
“This year will be tough figuring out who will get to travel and who won’t,” Larson said.
“The golf team is definitely bigger this year, but we’re kind of running with a very underclass heavy crew, making all our matches pretty hard,” junior Corbin Thirstrup said.
Students are choosing to play golf because it’s different from other sports, it’s more laid back and they’re able to go at their own pace.
¨I play golf because it’s relaxing and way different than volleyball and basketball. I only have to worry about myself and the environment is much happier. I wanted to become part of the team because it’s different and I don’t have to worry about seniors yelling at me all the time,¨ junior Ashlyn Laue said.
Playing golf is an easy way to make friends and memories outside of school.
¨Spending time with some really funny people and learning something completely new that I have never tried before is definitely a fun experience.¨ foreign exchange student junior Emily Goertsches said.
The new and returning players are preparing and getting ready for the season. On rainy days, they practice in the library. Days where it’s sunny and nice weather, they go to Shawnee Bend golf course and practice outside. As the new players are learning the rules and enjoying their first year of golf they all have set goals in hopes to meet them.
“My hopes are for the kids is to continue to improve. We improved as the season went on last year and I think we will continue to improve this year as well,” Larson said.
“I will try my best to learn golf and beat as many other schools as possible. I want to experience as many competitions as possible and, of course, win as many times as I can. GO WARSAW!” Goertsches said.