Fans at basketball games are experiencing new folding seats installed recently

  This year WHS has invested in new gym seats. The old seats were battered and broken and had quite a bit of graffiti on them. The new seats are a nice-looking green plastic fold-up chair. 

   When asked their opinion on the new seats, 

   “They are alright, they look nice too,” sophomore Abbi Flinn said. “We got the new seats because they close faster, look nicer, and they are in good condition compared to the old ones.”

   “I liked the old seats, but they needed to be updated and upgraded, “Physical Science and Lifetime Sports Teacher Laurel Larimore said, ¨The old seats had been carved into by previous students and that makes our school look bad when we host events in our gym. I believe that the new seats are a much needed improvement to the gym.”  The new seats are breathing new life into the WHS gym. With the new seats we don’t have to worry about Looking bad due to inappropriate carvings and writing on the seats.

   WHS Assistant Principal, Cody Wright said, “They are really nice and the old ones are out of date because they were there when they got built, they were out of date.¨ ¨Some of the old ones were starting to fall apart, the new ones are more accessible.¨

   The new seats were funded by the Prop S bond. They have been under installment and detailing since November. The updates to the school have not only made it a safer place, but a more pleasing place as well. Updates should be continued, to make Warsaw High School a better place.