Traditional school provides benefits beyond what a child can get at home

Being home-schooled for nine years was never not an option. Living overseas, where I wasn’t an expert with the language, didn’t really provide for a great education from a public school. I know that there are definite benefits to being home-schooled, however, as my grade level increased, I began to notice that there were some things that home-schooling could not offer me, primarily in my sociability and subjects that were too advanced for even my parents to teach.
Calvert Education posted an article, “Homeschooling Pros and Cons,” comparing the pros and cons of being home-schooled. While the program allows for a one-on-one learning experience, it has the ability to subtract from the student’s social skills, leaving many home-schooled kids to have rather small friend groups and lack of team working ability. Speaking of teams, many school districts do not allow children, who are home-schooled, to participate in their sport teams or other school-related organizations.
While I loved doing school in my pajamas at whatever time I pleased, public school has really allowed me to flourish and learn more things than my parents ever could have taught me from the living room