Pottery class makes Valentine’s Day boxes for kids at local daycare

For the first time, art teacher Jenny Greene’s pottery class  made Valentine’s Day for kids who need them by donating them to Children’s Palace the day before Valentine’s Day, so the kids needed them for their  parties. The party took place on February 14.

   Normally, Greene makes a junk sculpture out of cardboard, tissue paper, and other stuff that is laying around people’s houses. Greene decided to change the project because she thought about the kids who didn’t have boxes or have the time or money to make them. Greene was making a box for her son Ben, and thought of the kids who didn’t have them

  “We wanted to make them for those kids so they didn’t feel left out,” said Greene.

All together the class made about 15 boxes for the children.

Senior Allen Botteron made a car, he said that is seemed like something a kid would like. Botteron said that he feels like this project is better than the original idea for the junk sculpture because he feels like he can help kids who are in need due to multiple different reasons.  

  There are many different types of boxes that the class made a fox, princess castle, car, train, lego, and a minion. Greene said that there are too many to remember all of them. Greene has made a alligator and a lego.

 “I’m happy we are doing this because I love crafting,” senior Melissa Brown said.

  Brown has made a fox and a lego, she finishes early and Greene said to keep making them for the kids.

Senior Nathan Stutes made a princess castle because he knew that would make a little girl happy.

  Greene said she plans on doing it every year from now on because it is a good thing to have her pottery class do. Next year, she plans on having more boxes done for more kids.