“Warsaw High School Here’s To You”

Historic facts about your school

  • Largest amount of students to enter the 9th grade was 135 in 1935
  • The twelfth grade was not established in the school until about 1902
  • Tennis was offered as one of the first sports in the school. Courts were built in the lot near the old Warsaw Fire Department. After the invention of basketball, these courts were converted into basketball courts.
  • In the 1960’s dress code was different. Boys hair could not be below their collars, their shirt tails had to be tucked in, Their shirts had to be buttoned up, and they were not allowed to wear sandals. Girls were expected to wear skirts or dresses except for on very cold days and halter tops and shorts were not allowed.
  • In the 1940’s teachers signed contracts that prohibited them from smoking at school, playing cards or dancing, going out on school nights, and required them to finish the year even if the school ran out of money.
  • Female teachers did not start wearing pantsuits or slacks until the mid 1970’s. If they had worn these in the 1940’s they would have been immediately dismissed.
  • Boys started cutting their hair less frequently in 1967.