Athletes improve as season continues

Lee Newell, Staff Writer

Schwartz, Caswell work to improve themselves on the track

Freshman runner Colby Schwartz has been described as hardworking, very dedicated, willing to put forth effort and wants to succeed by track coach Cody Morgan.

 Schwartz joined the track  team in middle school and also plays football, but since football is over for the year he is running track.

  Schwartz runs the 400 meter dash, 4×2, 4×4, and 4×8, which he says is his hardest event.

  Track isn’t necessarily easy for him, and he only did it because his football coaches told him to.

 “It’s an individual sport, that’s why I like it,” said Schwartz. His favorite moment is when he crosses the finish line.

 Senior Raven Caswell decided it was not too late to run track for the first year and she reports that she is enjoying it.

  Morgan said Caswell is naturally fast, easy to coach, and willing to put in the work and effort. Caswell decided to run track because Morgan talked her into it.

  “It’s fun and it keeps me in shape. You get to get out of school early and you’re always pushing yourself to get a better time,” Caswell said.

   Caswell runs the 100 and 200 meter dash, the 4 x 1 meter, and the 4 x 2 meter. The 200 is the hardest for her because it’s at the end of the day after she has run all of her other events.

  “Some practices are harder but they have never not made me wanna run track. It’s pretty easy,” Caswell said.


Dedicated golf member improves himself

While the entire team has made improvements, senior Michael Kephart had the furthest to go.

“Michael Kephart worked very hard, played lots of golf, plays weekends, and during off time,” golf coach Robert Foster said.

 Kephart only started playing this spring, but he plays all the time and is very dedicated to the sport. His overall game is what he has improved upon the most.

  Kephart decided to join golf for the first year because he wanted to try something new and fun. He enjoys it because it’s a lot more fun than running every day. He is thinks he is best at chipping – making short shots to land on the green.

  His favorite part of golf is all the laughs that they share. The hardest thing for him is staying focused and keeping from getting flustered after making a bad shot.


Freshmen step up in baseball

Baseball coach Jason Ollison has recognized three freshmen as most improved players: Riley Bagley, Matt Luebbert, and Dalton Nickles.

   “Matt really helps us out on the mound, in the field, and batting. Riley has done a good job playing defense, he’s really kinda helped sure up third base, and Dalton has done a good job on the field and swinging the bats, I’m really happy with how all three of them have contributed,” Ollison said.

 Nickles has been playing since he was little and he enjoys it. Nickles pitches, plays infield third base and sometimes outfield. The hardest for him is third base. His favorite thing is pitching the ball.

 “Pretty fun sport to play!” Nickles said.

    Bagley started playing baseball when he was six years old, and has been playing since then. He most commonly plays shortstop and second base, but can play anywhere the coaches put him.

   “The hardest position for me is probably third base because it’s such a long throw and I’m not built up as quite as much as the other kids that play there,” Bagley said.

   Bagley says the easiest for him is second base because he’s doesn’t have to throw as far.

   Matt Leubbert started playing when he was in first grade and has been playing since then. He plays the positions of ditch, shortstop, right field, center field, and third base. The hardest for him is shortstop.