Students consider benefits of CTC programs


Juniors Dustin Coffee and Aaron Reno work in the automotive shop at State Fair’s Career and Technical Center during the CTC visit day. They were displaying how to reform a brake rotor.

Ryan Burks, Staff Writer

 Nearly every sophomore learned about State Fair Career and Technical Center programs at the Jan. 28 CTC visit day.

  There are 31 Warsaw students attending CTC this year.

  “Anyone who wants to do a two year tech degree or have a technical education would be a good fit for CTC,” counselor Laura Cooke said.

“I love the CTC program and I love to send students, I see a big jump in maturity and they come back with better confidence,” Cooke said.

 CTC is a program where students take the last four class hours of the day to study a preferred occupation. CTC is a two year program that juniors join and even continue their senior year or even after high school. There are many different programs that students can join at CTC such as: Automotive Service Technology, Building Trades, Child Care Careers, Electrical and Power, Graphic Arts, Machine Tool Technology, Health Occupations, and Welding Technology. CTC is a Dual Credit program.

  Sophomore Robert Johns is planning on attending the CTC program next year.

“I want to do Building Trades, it’s more hands on and it has a really cool teacher,” said sophomore Robert Johns.

“I  want to do construction, if I am building trades it will give me a boost on my education.” Sophomore Eric Smith is also planning on attending CTC next year.

“ I want a hands on start with welding and to work with metal,” sophomore Eric Smith said.

“It will provide me additional education that I will need to finish with a career,” Smith said.

 “CTC is a great experience,”Junior Cierra Sawyers said.

Sawyers is in Graphic Arts in CTC.

“I plan to go to college for Graphic design and apply it in the future,” Sawyers said.

On the Sophomore CTC visit day Sawyers demonstrated what the Mach computers were and what programs they used at CTC.

  “I want to get certified in welding,”  Junior Jacob Hart said.

Hart is in Welding Technology in CTC.

“I joined CTC to get experience welding to become a pipeline welder or a iron worker. My favorite part of CTC is welding, ” Hart said.

Hart displayed plasma cutting on the sophomore CTC visit day.