Math Club

Ryan BUrks, Staff Writer

Math students have already started putting their skills to the test at math contests this year.

  The math team competed in Camdenton on Jan. 16 and took 13 members. Senior Claudia Schmitz placed second among the top 12th grade students, Schmitz also placed second in ACT questions and the mixed team of Schmitz, junior Jonathan Petesch, sophomore Cody Wilson and freshman Suzy Cortright placed third. The freshman team placed third. Junior Alexis Smith placed first in 11th grade computations. Schmitz took first in 12th grade algebra and 2nd in 12th grade geometry.

  “I am in math club because, it is something I feel confident in. I feel that I am pretty good at mathematics,” said freshman Kylee Wood.  “My first contest I was able to attend I got 5th place in Algebra 9 and 2nd place in mixed team,” said Wood.

  Wood, along with 13 of her teammates, competed Jan. 30 in the Sedalia contest.

 On many Saturday mornings, these competitive students make trips to take math tests. At the end of the day, the results are announced at an awards ceremony. According to sponsor Amy Spunaugle, the top five students at each grade level are awarded on each test.

  “The tests are usually really easy,”  said senior Mary Porter. Porter placed 10th in 12th grade calculus and advanced math at the Camdenton contest on Jan. 16. She also placed 8th in 12th grade word problems at the Jan. 30 Sedalia contest.

  “You go there and take five tests. My favorite part of contest is whenever you place to see how many people you beat,” said sophomore Cody Wilson. Wilson placed 5th in 10th grade Geometry and 7th in 10th grade word problems at Camdenton.


The WHS Math team competed January 30 in Sedalia’s largest math competition along with 26 area schools. Final results are listed below:
Team 10- 4th place:  Abby Foster, Alexis Harris, Rylee Pals, and Jayden Schepker
Mixed Team- 2nd place:  Kylee Wood, Caitlin Easter, Alexis Smith, and Mary Porter
Word Problems 9- 10th place:  Kamryn Yach
Word Problems 12- 8th place:  Mary Porter
Algebra 9- 5th place:  Kylee Wood
Algebra 10- 9th place:  Caitlin Easter
Random Science- 8th place:  Alexis Harris
Timed Test (9th & 10th)- 8th place:  Kylee Wood  10th place: Kamryn Yach
Timed Test (11th & 12th)-  4th place:  Maddie Freeman
Freshmen:  Taylor Bunch, Suzy Cortright, Abby Foster, Jessie

Glenn, Rylee Pals, Kylee Wood, and Kamryn Yach
Sophomores:  Caitlin Easter, Alexis Harris and Jayden Schepker
Juniors:  Maddie Freeman and Alexis Smith
Seniors:  Jazmine Holbert and Mary Porter


The following WHS Math Club students competed at Camdenton January 16:

Freshmen:  Taylor Bunch, Suzy Cortright, Abby Foster, Haylee Pals, and Kamryn Yach

Sophomores:  Alexis Harris and Cody Wilson

Juniors:  Maddie Freeman, Jonathan Petesch, and Alexis Smith

Seniors:  Mary Porter, Andrew Savage, and Claudia Schmitz

Results are as follows:

9th Grade Computations: Kamryn Yach (8th), Suzy Cortright (9th)

10th Grade Geometry:  Cody Wilson (5th)

10th Grade Word Problems:  Cody Wilson (7th)

10th Grade Computations:  Cody Wilson (8th)

11th Grade Geometry:  Alexis Smith (8th) & Petesch (4)

11th Grade Word Problems:  Jonathan Petesch (9th)

11th Grade Computations:  Alexis Smith (1st)

12th Grade Algebra:  Claudia Schmitz (1st) & Andrew Savage (7th)

12th Grade Geometry:  Claudia Schmitz (2nd)

12th Grade Word Problems:  Andrew Savage (10th)

12th Grade Calculus and Adv Math:  Claudia Schmitz (4th), Andrew Savage (9th), & Mary Porter (10th)

ACT Questions:  Claudia Schmitz (2nd)

9th Grade Team placed 3rd.  

11th Grade Team placed 6th.

Mixed Team:  Claudia Schmitz, Jonathan Petesch, Cody Wilson, and Suzy Cortright placed 3rd.

12th Grade Top Students:  Claudia Schmitz placed 2nd.