New bells and speakers added to improve school


Autumn Rhea

Sophomore Ryan Burks points at new Speakers in the senior hallway. The speakers were added to the school over Christmas Break.

Autumn Rhea , Staff writer

Many classrooms and hallways in the high school have missed the familiar sounds of the bell and announcements all school year. A problem that will very soon be fixed.

  Due to summer construction work on the high school bathroom, bells and speakers were damaged. Over the Christmas break, new speakers and bells were installed throughout the high school. This was funded through a combination of district funds and funds from the construction company. The new bells and speakers will make it effortless for students and staff members to get to class and start class.

The new addition to the school was necessary especially since the old bells and speakers were damaged and ancient.

   “The speakers and bell system we had last year was partially the original from 1969 and part of it had been added onto in pieces over the years. The system as a whole often didn’t work or some classrooms simply never had speakers put in them, so they couldn’t hear any announcements or emergency pages. This summer, while the construction company was redoing the rest rooms, they cut through a bundle of wires in the floor that was not on any diagram. Those wires controlled some of the speakers and bell system to that end of the school,” said High School principal Randy Luebbert.

   The system is not up and running yet. The new equipment has been installed and will soon be functional.

  The new bells and speakers will make it easier for students and staff members. It will help students get to class on time, teachers start class on time, and announcements will be heard everywhere, including the band room.

  “The new bells and speakers will make things a lot easier,” science teacher Jason Ollison said.

  Safety is something the school takes very seriously and does not take any risks. The new bells and speakers will ensure safety for everyone in the high school.

  “Because of the safety and security issues caused by not have communication with all classrooms and the construction company being willing to pay for part of a new system, it seemed like the perfect time to upgrade the system,” Luebbert said.

 The new bells and speakers are beneficial because the new system will allow every room to hear all announcements, also allow rooms to communicate with the office.

  “The new speakers will help us when making announcements and when we are trying to find students.” said  High School administrative assistant Latricia Sharp.

  The bells and speakers will not only be helpful, but it will help keep the school more organized and in order.

  “We will also be able to connect with the middle school,” said Sharp.