Second semester senior year is a downhill battle

Alexis Riga , Web Editor & Staff Writer

  After final exams are taken and college acceptance letters start to arrive, seniors tend to start drifting off during the last half of the school year. What is it that causes this to happen, though? Senioritis may be the go-to word that students chose to describe their laziness and lack of motivation.

  Senioritis is defined as a decline in motivation and performance within students. This phenomenon is actually more common than we may think as well. According to, some students take things further than just not doing their work. Acting out of character is the next thing seniors tend to do in addition to having no motivation.

Experiences that I have had with senioritis are about the same as almost every other senior in high school. I tend to have a small amount of motivation on some days, but on others, I have nothing that drives me to want to get my work done. In addition to having my own struggles with senioritis, I notice that my classmates are the same way. With graduation being so close, it seems like students aren’t always worried about staying on top of their game for the rest of the school year by getting assignments turned in.

  Although this slacking off and rebellious lifestyle may seem “contagious”, there are ways for students to actually stay in the swing of things during the entire school year. Senior seminars and relevant projects could help in keeping the attention of seniors as well. Seminars are done to show students the benefits of staying motivated through the rest of the year. If work that is related to what students will be doing during the school year and after graduation are assigned, like filling out applications, resumes, and applying for grants, odds are that they will be more interested and likely to do the work.

  In addition to staying motivated, it’s important to think beyond graduation. Students who only stay motivated in order to receive their diploma are more likely to fail and drop out of college during the first year. Self-discipline is key once you start noticing the amount of motivation decreasing. Instead of thinking about all the reasons why you aren’t wanting to do your work, keep in mind all the advantages that will come along with being motivated, and staying on the right track.