English Club takes trip back in time at Renaissance Festival

Autumn Rhea, Staff Writer


  The Renaissance Festival was a fun, unique, thing to do, and it’s kind of a tradition for the Warsaw High English Club.

  “This is my fourth year doing it, and we were allowed more freedom this time,” English club president senior Marissa Brown said.

  The English Club attended the festival in Kansas City on Sunday, Sept. 13. The Renaissance Festival had a variety of different things to do, and a variety of people to see. There were shows, acts, and a hypnotist.

  “It was really weird, it was like just taking a nap,” said freshman Abby Foster about being hypnotized. “The guy made us act like we were eating ice cream, and driving a car, but we didn’t care, it was so weird,” Foster said.

  People dressed up in uniques costumes that showed off different cultures of the Renaissance era.

  “Seeing people dressed up with cat ears, and fairy costumes was my favorite part,” freshman Ally Estes said. “They were just so creative, it looked real almost,” Estes said.

  Shouting with excitement in their English accents, the Renaissance crew gave a show. There was something of everything there, delicious food, funny people, art, and even mermaids.

  The Renaissance Festival is just some of what English club does, they also are planning movie nights, Worldfest at Silver Dollar City in the spring, and might possibly see a play.